Fee Schedule

Grant Writing Consultants offers four levels of service.  Below is an outline of each service and the range of fees associate with each level.  Grant Writing Consultants offers a free consultation to discuss the needs of your organization followed by a proposal outlining the specific services and fees that are appropriate for your needs.  We do not believe in “one size fits all.”  The needs of your organization will determine which level of service will be offered.  We will never over sell our services.

  • Research Only:  This level of service is for organizations that want to write and submit their own grants, but do not know how to find the appropriate opportunities – $500-1000.
  • Infrequent Submissions:  This level of service is typically for organizations that plan on making one to three submissions a year, and includes researching, preparing the proposal and submission – $1000-2500/grant if under $250,000 or 2% of grant amount for all grants over $250,000.
  • Retainer:  This level of service allows the organization to have open access to the grant writers for multiple submissions, reviews and research throughout the year – $2000-5000/month.
  • Review:  This level of service is for organizations who have in-house staff for submissions, yet want to guaranty that their submissions are effective, persuasive and follow the guidelines for each submission by reviewing the grant instructions and proofing the proposal for the organization – $200/review.

An additional service of website audit is available, as well.  This audit looks at the entire website – copy, graphics, design, meta tags, keywords, etc. – to assist your organization in creating the most effective website possible.  The audit includes a report that outlines what is working well with the site, what areas need improvement, and recommendations for those improvements.  Each audit is $500.

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